Orli Shoshan


24-25 June 2023
Heroes Dutch Comic Con 2023
Jaarbeurs Utrecht, Utrecht, The Netherlands

6-7 August 2022
Really Cool Comic Con
Dort Federal Event Center, Flint, MI, US

26-29 May 2022
Star Wars Celebration
Anaheim Convention center, Anaheim, CA, US

February 19-20 2022
Migennes Collector

20-21 November 2021


ORLI SHOSHAN was raised in Israel. At the age of 18 she served in the Israeli Army for almost 2 years. After her military service she began working for an Israeli airline, which brought her to the United States to reside in Chicago, IL. During her employment for “EL AL” she grew a great passion for traveling when visiting places such as India, Thailand and Australia.

ORLI grew most fond of the Oz people and way of life so she decided to move to Sydney, Australia. There she began her successful modeling career enjoying print work in magazines & catalogues, then on to the runway and many television commercials. All of this hard work would eventually culminate into her acting role in the popular Sci-Fi franchise "Star Wars”! ORLI played the exotic Elian, Jedi Master, Shaak Ti in “Star Wars- Ep II and Ep III”. Shaak Ti is a popular character you can find celebrated through many action figures, LEGO sets, comic books and video games. While in Australia she would work in other major television shows such as “The Wheel of Fortune-Australia” presenting prizes, and an exercise & fitness program "Aerobic OZ style ".

ORLI is not only a successful model and actress, but is also a fashion designer, always creating a new project for herself. While in Australia she built a clothing line for women’s sportswear called "ORLI". This line was very successful and featured clothing to wear to the gym or just a busy day out about. “ORLI” sportswear was sold at high end boutiques and gyms across Australia. After several years she moved, from Australia, to Japan to further her modeling career. Living in Japan was a very interesting and unique time for ORLI, including being a featured guest at her very first “Star Wars” convention.

After many years of traveling the world, ORLI went back to her roots and moved to Israel to attend the prestigious acting school “The Studio” by Yuval Carmi. Once she finished acting school, she decided to start a second fashion line, this time for lingerie, called "Mia Luce".

ORLI SHOSHAN currently resides in Chicago, IL, where she first began her travels. She is now married and is a wonderful mother to two beautiful girls. After taking some time off from her modeling and acting career, ORLI is back to work. She is very happy with her current career path and looking towards a bright future. She also loves staying busy by attending many Sci-fi conventions around the world.

Currently owns a Luxury Home Staging & Interior Design company in Chicago called O Designs By Orli Shoshan.


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